PAPER TRAIL, a new Sam Jenkins novelette finds a home in the UK

PAPER TRAIL, the Sam Jenkins mystery no US publisher had the courage to touch finds a home in Britain. UNCUFFED, an anthology of the works of several worldwide police writers was released on July 16, 2014 and PAPER TRAIL was part of it. Retired and currently serving police officers contributed stories to raise money for the UK based charity C.O.P.S. (Care of Police Survivors) that gives aid to the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. ALL PROCEEDS COLLECTED ARE DONATED TO C.O.P.S.

UNCUFFED is available as an eBook from Amazon
A lone, mentally disturbed young gunman murdered his mother, two adults, and six small children at the elementary school in Prospect, Tennessee before ending his own life.The man carried three guns; one pistol had been legally purchased by his mother for her protection. The origins of the other pistol and the fully automatic Russian assault rifle were anyone’s guess.After Police Chief Sam Jenkins conducts an investigation to track down the past ownership of those guns, he confirms a few suspicions and uncovers more interesting facts.

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