Honor Among Thieves

Aug 6, 2017

Cops run into all kinds of characters on the job. But when Chief Sam Jenkins meets four people from his former life as a New York...

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A Can of Worms

Jan 22, 2017

Against his better judgment, Police Chief Sam Jenkins hires Dallas Finchum, nephew of two corrupt politicians. Now, Finchum is accused...

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A Touch Of Morning Calm

Jul 22, 2016

Chief Sam Jenkins runs headlong into Tennessee’s faction of Korean organized crime when a mobster tries to shake down two former...

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From New York to the Smokies

Apr 13, 2015

Five mysteries spanning more than four decades in the life of career police officer, Sam Jenkins. THE BOAT TO PRISON – set in 1963...

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Graceland On Wheels

Jun 27, 2014

Sam Jenkins has been fishing all his life, but he’s never caught anything more interesting than the dead body of an Elvis...

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