Fate of A Floozy

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Fate of a Floozy CoverSam Jenkins investigates the shotgun murders of an aging movie star and the younger man with whom she was having an affair.

Two of the suspects include the woman’s husband, a Hollywood producer, and the young man’s father, a high-powered attorney.

Sam knows he’s not dealing with the usual down-home crowd from Prospect, Tennessee as his inquiry spans the nation, from California to a prestigious country club in Knoxville.

In a theatrical ending, Jenkins once again emulates his favorite fictional detective, Nero Wolfe, by assembling all the players and exposing the killer.

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On a cloudy Thursday morning in late May, I stood in Helene Redpath’s bedroom looking down at her naked body laying next to a man more than twenty years her junior. They were dead, of course, killed by two blasts from a horribly expensive double-barreled shotgun.

Helene Redpath spent more than four decades portraying a floozy. She appeared in major motion pictures, TV movies, cable features, and even on British television where they’ve never been squeamish about primetime sex or showing lots of skin. As a young actress everyone remembered her face, but I’d be surprised if many people knew her name. Helene worked steadily for years, but spent most of that time on the “B” list. Whenever a studio needed a beautiful girl with a figure to make Miss Universe jealous, they cast Helene as a cheating housewife, an oversexed career woman, a hooker with a heart of gold, or a scrumptious drunk.

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