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Masterful plots, penetrating psychology, rich background and intriguing, diverse characters –let’s face it – this series is addictive. You read one, you want more.
Wayne Zurl is a wonderful writer, whose books should not be missed! Five stars!
Ilil R. Arbel, author & researcher

Every story in this collection will hold your attention and y’all will be learning jes’ how them in the mountains of Tennessee chat! Great writing, well edited, exhilarating stories.
Nancy L. Silk, author & reviewer

Wayne Zurl writes detective novels with authority. His writing style is in-depth character development, vivid scene settings, and weaving just the right twists and turns to keep his readers captivated.
[The main character] Chief Jenkins reminds me of Robert B. Parker’s ‘Chief Jesse Stone’.
Any of Wayne Zurl’s novels could easily be turned into blockbuster feature films or ‘made-for-television’ movies. FIVE STARS.
Michael Phelps, author & private investigator

The stories, written in the first person, are funny, deep, sad – every aspect of human life is covered – and I thoroughly enjoyed every one.
Diana M. Hockley, author

Sam Jenkins Mystery Series fans are in for a special treat with From New York To The Smokies, an anthology that spans four decades of Sam’s life and career.
This anthology collection is perfect for readers who have not had a chance to meet the charming main character, Sam Jenkins. Sam is a sarcastic guy who has no problem saying exactly what he’s thinking: his quick wit, sense of humor, friendly banter and sweet flirty side keeps the reader laughing out loud as every story unfolds.
Zurl has a knack for weaving intriguing mystery / police procedural tales with a witty mixture of humor, intrigue, drama and suspense. He utilizes his prior extensive knowledge and experience of police procedure to create a series that diehard mystery / detective fans will crave to read.
So take it from a Sam Jenkins groupie and read From New York To The Smokies. I guarantee that once you read the collection, you will get hooked on all of the Sam Jenkins Mystery series. It is simply an addicting whodunit mystery series that will turn mystery fans into Sam Jenkins fans!
Kathleen Anderson, book reviewer

Zurl is a natural born storyteller! He recounts these crime-solving tales with such ease, you’ll actually feel like your mind is being smoothly caressed. With memorable characters and vivid detail, these are the kind of stories you’d love to hear conveyed around an evening’s campfire.
There are a few seriously laugh-out-loud moments at our hero’s witty and clever sarcasm…a charming and delightful character.
Kat McCarthy, author, blogger, reviewer

…detailed stories with fascinating characters…fast-paced and enjoyable. Don’t miss these.
Marianne Spitzer, author

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