Make Your Anger Count. My Thoughts On 9-11-2016

Sep 11, 2016 by

It’s fair to say that many, perhaps even a majority of Americans are outraged by how members of the NFL have blatantly shown disrespect for the United States by refusing to stand while the national anthem is being played prior to a football game.

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution guarantees them freedom of expression. While they could protest whatever they dislike in this country in more acceptable ways, doing it like this is their inalienable right.

However, those who are outraged by this unpatriotic conduct and disrespect also have rights. Why not exercise your right to influence the team owners and NFL management who condone this behavior by treating the NFL in a manner similar to how the police combat organized crime?

We shouldn’t be so naive to think that the NFL, team owners or most of the players engage in the sport solely to please the fans. These sports professionals are in the business of making money—lots of money. They are entrepreneurs. Most of the laws and official documents that mention organized crime refer to it as a criminal enterprise. The criminals are also entrepreneurs in the purest sense. They are out to make money—lots of it.

The most successful method of battling organized crime has always been to attack the purpose of their criminal enterprise—their pocketbooks. Cost them money. It’s more effective than putting a handful of thugs in prison. The Mafia, like few other organizations cross train their personnel. If one member is taken out of action, another is qualified to step up and take his place. However, the money is gone forever. Do that often enough and they realize how certain phases of their business operation is no longer profitable. Historically, they have occasionally changed their way of doing business.

I doubt anyone is hoping for these disrespectful football players to experience an infusion of patriotism, place their hands over their hearts and sing The Star Spangled Banner during the pre-game ceremony. But everyone would at least like to see these men stand and remain silent while those who wish to partake in the ceremony can do so without being offended.

So, if people would like the NFL and team owners to “suggest” that all players behave in a respectful manner, exercise your rights to boycott ALL NFL games. NO ONE should purchase tickets. NO ONE should watch televised games. NO ONE should buy products sold by NFL sponsors. Hit the NFL where it hurts—in the pocketbook. Without the usual income from ticket sales or advertising budgets, can the NFL afford to pay these “sportsmen” the exorbitant salaries they could earn in no other country on earth?

If you’re outraged by the conduct of individuals or entire teams, don’t just bitch about it and then grab a beer and watch the game.

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